Broken Hormones

Hey guys its me again,

Sorry I have been gone for awhile as the title suggests I have been having a rough time of things recently.

So lets talk about what has been happening … in early January I stated bleeding (like a normal cycle) this lasted about 14 days, I knew this was odd but dismissed it due to having the implant form of contraception, considering I had not had a cycle in four months  I was not too surprised that its was longer.

Then we hit February and it starts all over again but heavy and with no mercy, when I hit the 14 day mark again I worry and book an appointment with my doctors who then refers me to the hospital clinic. By this point bleeding this much had made me anaemic and took a mental toll on me with the pretty much constant dysphoria.

I go to the hospital clinic and they take out my implant and suggest that due to my dysphoria that fitting the coil would be a good option for me, I agree and go again the next day … when I say that was one of the most disturbing, dysphoric and ultimately painful experiences of my life that would be a understatement. There will never be any words to do it justice and best of all the attempt to fit it did not work.

So my sweets this is why I have missing for a little while, recovering, getting myself back up to a mentally stable place and finding a way to never have to go back for something like that. 

On a happier note I have recently purchased new reading material on gender to try to push myself forward into this world to find out jut where I belong.

Talk soon!

Kitty x


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