Dysphoria! all day every day!

Hey guys its me again,

So I was wondering what today’s topic could be … then I realised I could just write about what I have been feeling regarding the dysphoric sides of the gender spectrum.

First off it is different for everyone and this is really important to remember, it changed and effects each individual in unique ways, what may not bother one individual could cripple another.

I can only speak for myself so here it goes… my dysphoria mostly stems from my chest, I dont like it at all, if i dont wear my binder or bind in some form or another I get very uncomfortable and just dont feel like myself (this is unless I decided on he rare occasion I feel very feminine). As for below the belt, it doesn’t bother me except for when mother nature decides to come along and ruin my day, when that happens it bothers me to the point I could just sit in tears, it doesn’t feel natural to me and my thought process is that it shouldn’t even be happening. Recently my form of birth control (the implant) started acting up so I was bleeding for 14 days straight … I was miserable so I marched my ass to the doctors and they gave me medication to make it stop.

What I am trying to say is that even though dysphoria is awful and I will never be able to truly put into words how it makes you feel, there will always be some small work arounds that we can use that help us just enough to get by.

If anyone wants so more in depth details about the different methods I know of on how to reduce dysphoria on your worst days, let me know and I will make a top 5 tips post.

Kitty x

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