To family or not to family?

Hey guys its me again,

In today’s blog I wanted to talk about family and the general acceptance about been gender fluid in my day to day life.

So the big question do my family know??? 

…No they don’t and there is a simple answer to why I have not taken this step even though it would increase my comfort around them and generally make my life easier, and that is because I am not ready too.

It may sound silly, but hear me out … to paint a picture we are quite a small family rather moulded into the typical expectation of society. Though most of my family I do believe would love me no matter what and would accept any change I would want to make as long as it would make me happy, some would not. The person I have in mind for this opinion is my mother, she is blonde haired, blue eyed and the idealistic view of feminine, growing up I know she always wanted that girly daughter and sadly she got me the biggest tomboy ever known, I knew early on this was not exactly what she had wanted but she loves me all the same.

There is only one problem, she berates most things I ever do (intentional or not) in front of anyone whether it is my family or my partner at that time, it would always be things such as, if I went to get a piercing ‘that looks disgusting in your face’, if I got a tattoo ‘you will regret that its stupid’  or I bought a guitar because I really want to learn ‘You do waste your money on some shit’…. this list carries on.

Last year I came out to my mother about been bisexual and the only response I got was ‘I dont understand why would you do that?’ so as you can imagine the thought of me telling her I am gender fluid actually terrifies me!

That is not to say that others out there should not be open with their parents, but I also believe is is all about if you can handle any response that could be given to you, and at the moment in time negative feedback would only ruin how far I have come so far.

Thanks for reading!

Kitty x

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