So who am I?

Hey its me again,

So the idea I have for this blog is to, be completely open with not only my readers but also myself. My idea is that my talking about not only the good moments but also the hard ones as well I can document my gender adventures and maybe help a few people on the way.

So a little about me as I stand. In my day to day life I tend to lean more towards masculine aesthetic and prefer to be addressed with masculine pronouns. Less than a year ago I was completely ok with just been a Cis female but then something just started changing almost like I was no longer comfortable in my own skin, something was not quite right.

To most individuals, when I talk about gender identity they automatically presume that I must want to be a trans male but that is not necessarily the case and  for the most part I have started figuring this whole part of me out for myself.

I will elaborate more on each different emotion and change I am facing in later blogs.

Thanks for reading!

Kitty x 

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